Quality on-line photos say it all!

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 I am still amazed when I see Real Estate listings with photos that are far less than average, at best! Or listings with NO PHOTOS at all! Imagine that. There is no excuse for lousy photography with all the digital technology that is available in the market today.

There is an abundance of Virtual Tour Companies, locally and Nationally, that will come in and shoot a virtual tour package anywhere from $89.00 – $149.00. Why would you take your own photos or no photos at all when a Virtual Tour company can do it for you, for a reasonable price, AND get outstanding results? I have to scratch my head on that one!

Buyers will pass right over properties that are portrayed on the web with dark and blurry images or no images. And who’s not shopping for real estate on the web these days? If I were selling my property I would insist that my agent hire a professional.  How can an agent compare spending between $89.00 and $149.00 for a virtual tour package when they stand to make thousands of dollars in commission? Hiring a company WILL get your property noticed and draw traffic to the doorstep.

If you want to be a competitor in today’s Real Estate Market and move some properties quickly, I have some startling news for you…the days of the point and shoot are out!

Blue Ocean Virtual Tours is Committed to a Niche Market!

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When the two words Luxury and Oceanfront are used in the Real Estate world, you know you’re talking about high end properties: properties that need to be captured and marketed in just the right way to ensure maximum exposure for your listing. South Florida is loaded with luxury oceanfront properties and Blue Ocean Virtual Tours has made a commitment to this niche market.
Until now this area has been an underserved marketplace for real estate photography and virtual tours. It is in need of the unique skills of a local company. A company that understands the challenges of photographing these complex properties.
In this less than robust real estate market you cannot cut corners when it comes to the presentation of your listing. You need a photographer with the skills to showcase your property to it’s fullest potential . We at Blue Ocean understand this. We have stepped into this niche market and have dedicated ourselves to becoming masters in our field. Not only do we have the photography skills and market knowledge in our back pocket, but also a local, personalized flare for customer service.
Making South Florida Blue Ocean Virtual Tours’ niche market for real estate photography has been the key to our success. Focus and concentration has allowed us to produce extraordinary images and the ability to help move properties.
Everyone should find their niche and run with it….